How We Work

From consultation to the big event - there's no need for it to be complicated.

Getting ready is easy

In 5 simple steps everything will be done

Whether you are getting ready for a private event, a big celebration or a corporate occasion – it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or an organisation – there’s no need for things to be complicated. We love simplicity and although your plans might be stunningly bespoke and grandioso, the process doesn’t have to be long or arduous. Get in touch and let us show you how easy getting ready can be.

Step 1 - free Consultation

Just get in touch and we will organise a time when we can offer you a free consultation. Tell us your dreams and hopes and we can piece everything together to create for you something uniquely special and memorable. During this time we can show you our work and begin the creative process together. 

Step 2 - Where Ideas come to Life

From our consultation time with you, we will then go away and put together a proposal with all our ideas and expertise combined! You will be able to partner with us throughout this process so that everything is just as you had hoped for. This is where changes can be made and once you are happy, we will send over a quotation for your bespoke design package and we all set to go. Whether it’s event planning and management and/or venue styling and room staging, we’ve got you covered.

Step 3 - Save the Date

Next all you need to do is confirm your booking and save the date! We’ll send over a booking form and your payment options and with all the practicalities taken care of, you can focus on anticipating the great event itself and the opportunity you’ll have to mingle stress-free with your guests.

Step 4 - Final Prep

Just before your event is made real, we’ll be checking that everything is in order and making our final preparations. All you need to do is inform us of final numbers and if there are any small tweaks that need accounting for, and then we are good to go!

Step 5 - The Big Day

At last the big day is here! We will arrive at your venue and set everything up while you get yourself ready for your guests. And once the event is over, you can leave it to us to transform your venue back into its original state without you needing to lift a finger. Easy and stress-free, it won’t matter how large or complicated event planning might seem – with us and our expertise you can rest easy in safe hands knowing that we will take care of it all.

Event Planning and Design & Venue Styling

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